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Meghan Markle’s Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, made a stunning appearance at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, adorned with exquisite Herkimer diamond jewelry. Designed by the talented Pippa Small, Meghan’s choice of a ring, bracelet, and earrings showcased her commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion. You can follow in Meghan’s footsteps and make a statement with your own Herkimer diamond pieces.

Why Choose Herkimer Diamonds?

Herkimer diamonds are not actual diamonds but rather double-terminated quartz crystals with a unique diamond-like geometrical shape. These rare gems are highly sought after by jewelry designers for their natural beauty and rarity. By choosing Herkimer diamond jewelry, you are embracing a unique and ethically sourced gemstone that stands out from the crowd.

Embrace Ethical Fashion

Meghan Markle is known for promoting ethical and sustainable fashion, and her choice of jewelry aligns with that commitment. She often wears brands that abide by ethical and sustainable practices, creating a demand for such fashion through the “Meghan Markle effect.” By choosing Herkimer diamond jewelry, you can join Meghan in supporting ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

Discover Pippa Small’s Designs

Pippa Small, the designer behind Meghan’s Herkimer diamond jewelry, is renowned for her work in ethical jewelry. She has won awards for her designs and is committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing. You can explore Pippa Small’s beautiful collection of Herkimer diamond pieces website or explore other designers who work with Herkimer diamonds.

Incorporating Herkimer diamond jewelry into your wardrobe is a fashionable and ethical choice. Embrace the unique beauty of these gems and make a statement like Meghan Markle, all while supporting sustainable and ethical fashion.

What are Herkimer Diamonds?

Herkimer diamonds are a true marvel of nature. These stunning, double-terminated quartz crystals boast a diamond-like geometrical shape, making them a popular choice for jewelry designers. Although not officially classified as diamonds, their unique qualities and rarity make them highly sought after.

Discovered in the 1600s, Herkimer diamonds are predominantly found in Herkimer Diamond Mines located in the Mohawk Valley of New York. However, these enchanting gemstones have also been uncovered in far-off locations like Afghanistan and Tibet.

What sets Herkimer diamonds apart from other crystals is their transparent and clear appearance, which gives them a striking resemblance to true diamonds. Upon closer inspection, their uncut and unpolished facets reveal a natural, earthy charm that is hard to resist.

These gemstones are not only beautiful but also versatile. They can be cut into various shapes, such as cabochon, round, square, princess, or emerald. With a high degree of brightness and excellent durability, ranking 7.


5 in hardness, Herkimer diamonds are a cost-friendly and ethically sourced alternative to traditional diamonds.

If you’re considering purchasing a Herkimer diamond, pay close attention to the clarity and color of the stone to ensure its quality. Prices can range from as little as $1 per carat to thousands, depending on the gem’s attributes.

Herkimer diamonds are more than just eye-catching adornments. They are often referred to as “The Stone of Attunement” and believed to promote healing, ease, love, and positive energy. Many people use these crystals for meditation and spiritual growth, making them a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

In recent years, Herkimer diamonds have gained popularity among celebrities, such as Meghan Markle, who wore a Herkimer diamond ring, bracelet, and earrings at Princess Eugenie’s wedding. The pieces were designed by renowned jewelry designer Pippa Small.

So, if you’re looking for a unique, ethically sourced, and spiritually significant gemstone, consider the captivating Herkimer diamond. Not only will you own a piece of natural beauty, but you’ll also be part of a growing community that values the healing properties and positive energy these crystals bring.

Healing Properties and Spiritual Growth

Herkimer diamonds are not only stunning in appearance, but they also hold powerful healing properties. These unique crystals are believed to aid in meditation, spiritual growth, and overall well-being. If you’re searching for a gemstone that can positively impact your life, look no further than the Herkimer diamond.

Unlock Your Inner Potential

These double-terminated quartz crystals are often referred to as “The Stone of Attunement.” They promote healing, ease, love, and positive energy. By incorporating Herkimer diamonds into your daily routine, you can unlock your inner potential and experience a greater sense of balance and harmony.

Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Herkimer diamonds are known to aid in meditation and spiritual growth. Their high vibrational energy can help to relieve stress and anxiety, making them the perfect addition to your meditation practice. Simply hold a Herkimer diamond in your hand or place it nearby during meditation to enhance your experience and deepen your connection with your inner self.

Connect with Your Chakras

These powerful crystals are associated with the third eye and crown chakras. By working with Herkimer diamonds, you can open and activate these energy centers, leading to increased intuition, clarity, and spiritual awareness.

Choose the Right Crystal for You

When purchasing a Herkimer diamond, pay attention to its clarity and color.


Different colored crystals have specific uses, such as clear stones for connecting with the Divine, purple for enhancing intuition, and blue for amplifying your voice. Take the time to select the crystal that resonates with your personal needs and intentions.

Keep Your Crystal Charged and Cleansed

To receive the full benefits of your Herkimer diamond, it’s essential to keep it cleansed and charged. This can be done by placing it in sunlight, moonlight, or even burying it in the earth for a short period. Remember that intention and connection with the crystal’s energy are key in receiving its benefits.

Embrace the Healing Power of Herkimer Diamonds

Incorporating Herkimer diamonds into your life can lead to profound healing and personal growth. Whether you choose to wear them as jewelry or use them in your meditation practice, these unique crystals can help you unlock your full potential and embrace a life filled with balance, harmony, and positive energy.

For those interested in learning more about working with crystals, consider reading The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the world of crystals and their many uses.

So, why not explore the healing properties and spiritual growth potential of Herkimer diamonds? You might just find that they become an essential part of your journey towards a more balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling life.

Herkimer Diamond Mines

Discover the fascinating world of Herkimer diamonds at the Herkimer Diamond Mines in Upstate New York. This unique destination offers a thrilling experience for gemstone enthusiasts and curious visitors alike.

Located in Herkimer County, these mines are home to the famous Herkimer diamonds. These stunning gems are not actual diamonds but double-terminated quartz crystals. They are prized for their exceptional clarity and unique shape.

Imagine the excitement of digging and hammering your way through the mines, searching for your very own Herkimer diamonds to take home. The mines have recently undergone significant improvements, making your visit even more enjoyable. With mining, shopping, on-site lodging, and camping available, there’s something for everyone.

Kids can try their hand at sluice mining and reveal up to 10 diamonds from a jackpot bag. Meanwhile, adults can learn about minerals and quartz from all over the world at the property’s museum and fluorescent room.

The Herkimer Diamond Mines are a third-generation family-run business, ensuring a warm and authentic experience.


They even offer a beer garden, weddings, and private parties for those looking to celebrate in a truly unique setting.

Herkimer diamonds were first discovered in the 1600s, and crews continue to turn over the mines and dig into uncharted grounds. This means there are always diamonds to find, making each visit a new adventure.

The mining season at the Herkimer Diamond Mines runs from mid-April through October. In addition to digging for Herkimer diamonds, visitors can also participate in other mining activities like fossil collecting. You can purchase tools and equipment for mining at the on-site trading post.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a guided tour of the property and mines. Learn about the rich history of Herkimer diamonds and the mining process from knowledgeable guides. With various activities, including gemstone sluicing, fossils discovery, and crystal formations exploration, there’s never a dull moment.

Before you leave, be sure to visit the gift shop, which sells jewelry made from the diamonds. You might even find the perfect piece to remember your unforgettable experience at the Herkimer Diamond Mines.

So, why wait? Plan your visit to the Herkimer Diamond Mines today and embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Where to Purchase Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Discover the Beauty of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Are you looking for a unique and elegant piece of jewelry that will make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further than Herkimer diamond jewelry. These stunning pieces are versatile, making them perfect for any occasion, and may hold personal value due to their rarity and metaphysical properties.

Herkimer diamonds are not your typical diamonds. In fact, they are double-terminated quartz crystals that are over 500 million years old. Their unique, uncut and unpolished look, combined with a geometrical shape resembling diamonds, makes them highly sought after in the jewelry industry.

You can find exquisite Herkimer diamond jewelry pieces, such as earrings, rings, and bracelets, through various online retailers. One notable designer who has worked with Herkimer diamonds for years is UK-based Pippa Small. She uses 18 karat gold to create elegant and unique pieces that have been seen on celebrities like Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex. You can explore Pippa Small’s Herkimer diamond collection here.

Another great source for Herkimer diamond jewelry is the Herkimer Diamond Mines themselves.


They work with over 60 jewelry designers worldwide, and their diamonds are used in various celebrity-inspired lines of jewelry. One such line is a Beatles-inspired collection co-created with Apple Music and Swedish designer Efva Attling. You can browse their selection of Herkimer diamond jewelry here.

When purchasing Herkimer diamond jewelry, keep in mind the metaphysical properties associated with these crystals. Many believe that they promote mental clarity and spiritual growth, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

If you’re ever in Upstate New York, consider visiting the Herkimer Diamond Mines in Herkimer County. The mines have been run by Renee Scialdo-Shevat’s family since 1979 and attract tourists who learn about the mining process and try mining themselves. After a 2017 fire destroyed their activity center, gem store, and museum, the Herkimer Diamond Mines rebuilt and opened a Miner’s Village, offering various activities such as fossil hunting and zip-lining.

In conclusion, Herkimer diamond jewelry is a beautiful and unique option for those looking to add a touch of elegance and meaning to their wardrobe. With a variety of designs and styles available, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to suit your taste. So why wait? Start exploring the world of Herkimer diamond jewelry today!

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